Staying at home activities

Hello my friends,

how are you? I hope you are all safe and healthy!
Until a few days ago all the things around the corona virus were still abstract for me and seemed so far away. But now it’s affecting us all and uncertain times are awaiting us. We are instructed to stay at home and we feel confined. But still we have to do the best out of it, right? And to be thankful that we have our homes, something to eat and the possibility to interact with the ones we love at least in a digital way.

So when I thought about all this, I found some ideas for this time closed at home I want to share with you.

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Working on series

Hallo guys,

do you sometimes have difficulties to find the concrete motive for painting/drawing? If you easily get inspired, then the motives for possible artworks are infinite and it may happen that you spend hours and hours in searching for the right thing to paint instead of painting it.
But how can we avoid this endless search?
One of the solutions I will present you today.

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Be intercreative!

Hallo my friends,

let us be intercreative! “Intercreative” – what is this? Does this word even exist? And why or how should we be intercreative? All these questions I want to answer today.

At the beginning, no, the word “intercreative” does not exist (what I didn’t expect) but maybe you already understand the meaning I thought of when I wrote it down.

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Hallo guys,

do you like going to museums and especially to museums of art? I love it and a few days ago I went to my first art exhibition this year.
The exhibition is called “Lebensmenschen (Soulmates) – Alexej von Jawlensky and Marianne von Werefkin” and takes place in the Kunstbau of the Lenbachhaus in Munich.

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The unfinished pieces

Hey guys,

have you ever wondered why some paintings have a production time of years or even decades? And why others maybe never get finished? Me too, so that’s why I want to get a closer view on this subject.

If you like to go to museums of art – like I do – maybe you also look at the year the artworks were made. If so, you have surely observed that while the artists have some series of paintings that were all made in one year on the other hand there are these one or two that got years over years to get finished.
Why is this so?

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Inspiration everywhere

Hey guys,

how are you doing? Do you need some inspiration today?
In last week’s blog post I wrote about the motivation you have or need to start painting/making art. Today I want to write about the inspiration.

I could tell you that inspiration can be found everywhere – and it is true – but this post would be a very short one and presumably not helpful to you. So I will make it a bit more precisely.

So, where can inspiration be found?

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