Happy Holidays!

Hello my friends,

I hope you are all doing fine.
I’m sitting here, eating an all original gingerbread from NĂĽrnberg (Germany) and thinking about what to write. 🙂

What a year it has been again! A few days to come and it is Christmas – for everybody celebrating – and then God willing 2022 begins. But before, I have one more gift for you. 🙂

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A time of giving

Hello my friends,

I hope you are doing good.
Last week I could not write as I was packing calendars – yeees, they arrived and about 90% of them is either getting shipped or has already reached the new owner. I’m very happy and excited to announce you that we improved last year’s numbers with about 300 calendars sold worldwide! More numbers and the exact amount of our donation will follow soon.

And that is why, I want to give something back to you!
Last week I made the first giveaway with three dyed handmade papers and today is following giveaway number 2.

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