Studio times

Hey guys,

do you want to see my studio? Great, then welcome!

Actually there are two of them, my “home studio” or better said the place where I paint at home and my vacation studio.

My “home studio” – to start with the quick one – is the dining table in the living room of the flat I currently live with my family. As my home has no extra room free just for me, it is also a moving studio, that means it’s just there when my boys sleep. But I really love painting there, I’m in the middle of the action watching at the compilation my husband made me of the 100 paintings and drawings of my 100 day challenge! And I don’t ever feel I’m missing something, most of my work is done there.
The only disadvantage is, that I have to bring and remove my materials all the time – an issue that kept me a long time off starting at all.
But I hope that I will soon have my (real) home studio and get more paintings done!

My vacation studio is in contrast to my home studio a real studio, that means a separate room, in my parents in law’s house.
It has an easel and a table with all the things I need, canvases on the ground – painted and new ones. My vacation studio, which is located in Sanski Most, Bosnia and Hercegovina, has an exhibition wall with a few paintings of mine and with a still life of traditional bosnian family pieces like a manual coffee grinder and a manual coffee roaster, an old flour sifter, dried corn and hadmade little stools and a wooden pitchfork.
And there is a lot more space I don’t even know what to fill with.

Even if I love painting at home, this studio is really a me-place. I close the door if I want to and there is silence. I mostly still paint when the kids sleep, but sometimes I even manage it to paint by day when the light is better and I feel like a real artist!

Do you have a studio in your home or do you bring and remove your materials like me in my home? And how do you arrange your stuff – tidy or chaotic?

I hope you liked the view behind the scenes and will leave a comment below.
Stay artsy!

Yours, Thea

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