Be intercreative!

Hallo my friends,

let us be intercreative! “Intercreative” – what is this? Does this word even exist? And why or how should we be intercreative? All these questions I want to answer today.

At the beginning, no, the word “intercreative” does not exist (what I didn’t expect) but maybe you already understand the meaning I thought of when I wrote it down.

“Inter” is a latin prefix and means “in between” and creative is an adjective which describes for example a person that creates something with her imagination, her ideas.
So with intercreative I think of an interface between the different creative practices or rather being creative in different ways. (If there is already a word for this, please let me know.)

But why should we be intercreative?

I see a lot of advantages here, but I want to list just three of them:

1. Being creative in a different way than the known one can open your horizons and like this change your point of view. When you see more, you can create more!
2. You learn new things, either this is a new technique or a new way of expression. Or even something about you and the way you do the things you do.
3. You can bridge over times when your main way to create is stagnating or you have some kind of a block. To do something new and different but though creative can help you get over it faster and happier.
In the end: why not?

And how can we be intercreative?
The one way is to stay in the same field of art and just change your technique or your subject.
The other way is to express yourself in a very different field of art. To Fine Arts as the main field an intercreative perspective would be stitching, writing, film, photography, knitting and many other crafts and arts.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a multi-tasking person. When I do something then I have to just do this one thing, so either paint or read or stitch or knit and like this I am able to focus. That’s why I love being intercreative – even if I currently focus on painting I like to do other and new things in between and when I get back to painting I feel refreshed and full of new ideas and motivation.
It’s all about your mind staying fresh and open to new possibilities.

So, try it out! Be intercreative! You won’t regret it!

Yours, Thea

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