Inspiration everywhere

Hey guys,

how are you doing? Do you need some inspiration today?
In last week’s blog post I wrote about the motivation you have or need to start painting/making art. Today I want to write about the inspiration.

I could tell you that inspiration can be found everywhere – and it is true – but this post would be a very short one and presumably not helpful to you. So I will make it a bit more precisely.

So, where can inspiration be found?

The classic form and first source of inspiration is the art itself, that means in a museum or a gallery or in front of a statue. When you already have some ideas but cannot get a clear picture in your head, it can help you to see ideas that have already been performed and use pieces of art to get your own “art machine” work.
Of course in a world full of pictures on the web you can get inspired by these, too, but take care of copyrights and do not imitate.

The second source for inspiration, which is actually the resource of the first one, is the world itself. The world with all its beauty: the morning and evening skies, the sweet flowers on your window seat, a snowy park. I could count a plenty more things – the list is endless – but I think you got it.

The third source is an extension of the second one: the details.
Maybe you can’t get inspired by a flower on the whole, but you love the leaf veins? Or is it the pattern on the subway floor? Then let these tiny details inspire you – who knows, probably your art will be an abstracted one.

What does inspire me?

Well, I love flowers, plants and food and I love to paint them, too.
I love to consider art, to take care of the colours that have been used, the techniques, the subjects.
Further it’s the sky that’s catching me and also all these beautiful details like the thorns of a cucumber or the shadow from the curtain on the wall.
My mobile is full of photos with ideas and templates that just wait to be realized.

Here you see a very recent example of mine:

So everything can be an inspiration – inspiration is everywhere!
Just open your eyes and you will see the things that inspire you.
I wish you good inspiration and a successful work!

Yours, Thea

2 Replies to “Inspiration everywhere”

  1. Hey Thea, I’ve finally found some time to read your blog and gosh I love the way you write. This post in particular I love the part where you talk about the details because that’s what I do. When I go out for a walk in the woods I try ti catch every details, evey vein on a leaf, every sunray coming through the leaves on the trees, every bird flying and chipping. And that’s what makes my heart so full. I could litterally cry of happiness every tim. Keep up the good work and writing my dear.

    1. Thank you, dear Sandy! Thank you for taking your little time to read my blog and for your compliments! You know, you inspired me to start and I’m every day thankful for that! The way you write about the details in nature is the same way you take care of the details in your amazing work. I will and thank you, hopefully we’ll meet one day! 🙂

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