Don’t forget to treat yourself

Hello my friends,

just a few more days until Christmas and I don’t know about you, but I feel the business before Christmas getting more. Actually I wanted to write about something else today but as life is unpredictable I will accept it as it is and be greatful for the little moments.

So, how are you treating yourself in busy, stressful times?

My me-time has almost always to do with art and colours. For this reason this advent I treated myself with a lovely colour advent calendar by Claire Chi (she is on instagram) and I am so glad I did!

Every morning I open one of the colours and swatch it on the sheet Claire sent with the colours. On most of these already 15 days of December this was all of art that happened. And eventhough this is little, it was something after all.

Do you remember my “15 minutes a day” blog post from a few weeks ago (you can read it here )? I feel like I lied to you and me but it is really just not possible. Art is not like turning the washing machine on. Or maybe is it? 😉

I am just kidding.
Anyway, I treated myself with these colours and finally, after a lot of days of nothing, inspiration came in a lucky moment and the outcome is this little flower.
It’s always flowers, right? 🙂 This flower is painted with the colours from Claire’s advent calendar for the days 1 to 12.
What do you think?

So today I want to encourage you to treat yourself! From time to time with something bigger and necessarily every day a little. For yourself and your inner balance.
Because then you are able to smile back to the world and treat it right as well.

Stay creative and remember to treat yourself!
Yours, Thea

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