Just start!

Hey guys,

have you ever had the wish to paint, draw, write, photograph, stitch or be creative in any other kind of way but didn’t do it?

Because that’s what I felt like. I wanted to paint, had ideas, had the inspiration, but I didn’t start. I thought “maybe tomorrow”. As you can imagine this “tomorrow” didn’t came neither the next day, nor the day after that.

But one day I had the courage, I took the risk and… JUST STARTED! That’s it! That’s absolutely it!

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Merry Christmas to you…

Hey guys,

it’s Christmas Eve, almost the end of the year… It feels as if the last twelve months passed by a fingersnipping (I know, all the Avengers-fans think of Thanos right now!).

The last four weeks I let this year full of art end by making four giveaways on my instagram account. That means in the four weeks before Christmas I drew/painted four postcards and gave it to somebody by chance.

Now my art year is over and I’m already thinking about good intents and plans for 2020! How shall I organize my work? Should I make number goals or work monthly on different series?

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