Ode to the unfinished pieces

Hello my dear friends,

I hope you are well. Recently I was talking with some wonderful artist friends about the unfinished pieces. We are complaining about them, feeling guilty for them but today is the day we will appreciate them!

Yes, we will be happy about them, because…

…they keep us busy. As long as there is at least one unfinished piece waiting for us, we have a plan.
…they let us travel. With them we travel back in time, to times and days when our lives looked (at least a bit) different from now.
…they make us human.
…they give us the joy to finish a work faster (at least if you don’t count in the break).

While typing these first lines I remembered that I had written about this subject before, about two years ago. Back then I wrote about my (one) unfinished piece: https://theademilos.de/?p=160
Guess what? It’s still unfinished. And since then I have collected a few more unfinished ones. 🙂

We’re driving ourselves crazy, expecting from us to be always perfect, fast, to manage everything. Why? We are just humans and whether robots nor gods. Right?

Today I read the perfect quote to finish this blog post: You can do ANYTHING, but not EVERYTHING. A very good point I think and thank you to this wonderful friend of mine of reminding me of that!

Detail from a panel of silk velvet from India, late 19th century.
Pattern found on the Instagram account of @artsofhindostan

So, today I’ll share with you my recent painting. It was an unfinished one until yesterday that I had forgotten about. And as it needed just a little more of work to get finished, it’s now a finished work. Do you see the advantage of the unfinished works now? 🙂
Art shoud make us more balanced and happy and not stress out.

Stay creative and relaxed!
Yours, Thea

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