The time has come, or maybe not?

Hallo my friends,

how are you doing? Have you maybe started painting or writing or making something else you love?
Last week I wrote about how to start, today I want to write about the “why”. The general and my personal one.

As you know it’s sometimes hard to start with doing something instead of just thinking or talking about it. It’s the same thing with art.
But – and this is what practicing artists tell you then – maybe the time has not come yet. Maybe you have to do all the other things first, all the things distracting you, before you can come to the things you love.
And when you then decide to do that it’s because of an inner necessity, because you can’t do anything but this – with all your passion and all your attention.

So I want to tell you my story now.
Since I went to school I always wanted to paint, I wanted to go to the Academy of Fine Arts, I wanted to study design – but all this just in theory.
Because instead of studying I first decided to make a commercial training and to work for a while. And then – when the time for my studies had come – again I choose not to study art.

But why? And what does this tell us?

I always loved art, studied history of art, had some painting classes, too, but that’s not the same, right?
The time just hadn’t come yet.

Then I gave birth to my older son and after about two years to my younger son.
And then the time had finally come!!

Me, mother and artist at the same time.

I was ready, I wanted to, I had to make art! To survive, for me and – in a kind of way – for my kids, too.
Before having kids I wanted to but I “had not enough time” for art (looking back I see that I had a plenty of time which I didn’t use the way I should have).
Now I’m a full-time mom from about 06:30 a.m. to 07:30 p.m. and I have time for art because I really want it. And the great thing is, that I’m not alone out there. There are so many other moms who are artists at the same time. And due to instagram we get connected and can talk about art and cooking and kids and like this finally get a bit closer to a balanced mother-being.
At least I feel like this.

What are your reasons to make art or not to make art yet? Let me know in the comments below.

What to write at the end?
Carpe diem (use your day) and do the things you love, because time is precious!

Yours, Thea

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