Women artists

Hallo my dear friends,

in a few days is International Women’s Day and this is a great opportunity to write and thus honor women in art.
Yes, this is going to be a song of praise for ourselves and I think we deserve it!

Women – we are daughters, sisters, mothers and partners, lovers and listeners and we are artists, too. Great artists with creative and beautiful ideas, with courage and power to make all the other things work and still make art. Isn’t this gorgeous?

When I think of preceding art, I can almost just remember male artists, but when I think of current artists, I think of all the amazing female artists I met in real life and on instagram, all the ladies, that inspire me day by day, that are friends.

When I first started calling myself an artist one year ago, I didn’t know that there were so many of us female artist. There are other mums like me, that make art by night, other artists that are like me on their journey and others that can already live from art.

Now, I want to honour these beautiful and talented ladies and tell you what I love most about them and their art (the names are the ones from instagram).

@sandy.kurt – Sandy is a fig lover, loves to make grimaces and is such an accurate artist, making amazing islamic art and islamic geometry en miniature. Her posts gave me the courage to start making art.

@thesurealist – Susanna has a beautiful heart and expresses herself in so make different ways, either painting, or stitching or photographing. It’s just lovely seeing her posts and the positivity she shares.

@rachpetru – Rachel was one the artists making a 100 day project too. She inspired me to my cuppaday paintings (cup and coffee paintings), painting 100 days lovely cups and coffee and making now gorgeous abstract landscapes.

@artbojana – Bojana is such a lovely and social woman, always sharing her love for the things others do, painting with the heart first. In addition she is a poet.

@art_allajordan – Alla makes amazing watercolours from still lifes and street scenes, she loves hydrants. She’s not a mum, but a teacher of 8 infants.

@aadrakwalichai – Navroz is a sweet artist painting islamic geometry and other islamic inspired paintings, always with a lot of beautiful and intense colours. Like in her art she intensly shares a lot of love with her community.

@nagihanseymour – Nagihan makes delicious islamic art, just like painted lace with amazing colours. Art is her job, I admire that and hope to get there one day too.

@naseeba.khader – Naseeba is a mum painter like me, even if her children are already older. She makes islamic art, but with her own style, modern and at the same time traditional, often painting with shiny watercolours.

@kesten.co – Laila is one dear friend making all the things I always wanted and never did: scoop paper, stamp and print on this paper, work with flowers. She lives her life taking care of the environment what I appreciate a lot.

@laura.zair – Laura is an artist and crafter, painting, stitching and sewing with always the two subjects: geometry and flowers. She is very active and gives ideas and inspiration every day.

@twoifbysee – Kristy is a mum artist like me who is currently making prints from her baby’s things. These are every time catching me, almost making me cry because of the deep emotions they contain.

@jsmns.art – Jasmin is one of my oldest friends and she was able to make great sketches already as a child. Now she makes mostly portraits and loves the ones from musicians especially since she plays the drums, too.

@dana.neuen – Dana impressed me with the openness she writes about her life and her surviving two times a cancer. Currently she paints daily and every day I’m excited what she filled her journal pages with.

@monicashulman – Monica is an abstract painter that always shares all the process, all the thoughts and the story behind, what is very stirring and inspiring.

@esmartistry – Esma is an artist and crafter showing all the love in her pieces, either is this a card holder or a personal painted globe. She uses many quotes, too, and I love quotes.

@rangvallika.by.neelam – Neelam is the most recent female artist I got to know and I’m very glad about it. She makes amazing expressionist art, mostly portraits.

One work from each of the female artists that I wrote about (in the row like in the text).

Thank you, all of you for supporting me and for supporting women in art!
Happy Women’s Day in advance.

Yours, Thea

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  1. This is beautiful blog Thea.. I m glad I dropped in here.. amazing work, keep inspiring ❤️❤️❤️

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