The 100 day project

Hey guys,

the time is flying and it is almost March! This is already my ninth blog post this year and I’m so happy about this!
Today I want to recap something that happened last year and made me very happy too: my 100 day project.

I want to share with you a few of my personal notes I wrote down concerning this project as well as some kind of facts and numbers – let’s call it statistics.

I dared it!!!!! Since yesterday I have an art account on instagram. And I already posted my first painting ‘Full moon between the trees’. Today it’s time for painting no. 2, that’s what I’m about to do now. We’ll see what!
And the second painting is uploaded!!! I am so HAPPY! And it’s just the second day… But I overcame the fear once more , I wrote a text for the painting and now I can go to sleep – relaxed and calmed down – untill tomorrow, hihi.

I’m so TIRED! Yesterday I made painting no. 6 in to the night, because my baby was waking up again and again. And now – not even 5 hours later – he’s awake again. At least he is playing peacefully. I hope I can sleep today a little bit…

Today is day 14, that means that I painted/drew every day in the past two weeks. Not bad, right?

Now I’m so active in art and that almost 50 days but I don’t write almost anything. Let’s see it as a good sign: more practice, less theory.
Since four days we’re on vacation but instead of being fully motivated, I don’t want to… What’s up? I made almost 50 days, more than 1,5 months!!!

Day 64

Wow, today is “already” day 65. No, in fact already is the right word, even if it is sometimes really hard…
It’s not that much the painting/drawing, it is the search for a motive every day that exhausts me. And already now the question in my head: how will it go on after the project is finished?

Today is day 79, that means exactly three more weeks until the 100 are made!!! I’m so glad about it…slowly I feel as if I don’t have the power any more, I need a break, even if I am highly motivated. But everything except my project had minor priority lately, my private life, sports and so on.

It’s accomplished! I can’t believe it when I read the notes previous to the project and I don’t know what I did all the time before… 100 days – I am proud and happy and also tired and exhausted, but most of all surprised.
Surprised about the fact that it is just a matter of the head and also surprised that in all this time I never thought about giving up, even if I sometimes just didn’t wanted to make art. 100 days – it’s done!

A compilation of my drawings and paintings of my 100 day project.

And now a few statistics, as I promised.
In my 100 day project I…

  • painted/drew 30 times flowers and plants,
  • painted 8 coffees,
  • used watercolours, coloured pencils, oil pastels, guache, pencils, acrylics, fineliners, pens and even make up for my art,
  • painted 12 times fruit and vegetables,
  • was creative in 3 countries and 6 cities,
  • learned so much about myself and my art!

The journey has still just begun and I am excited about the way!

Did you ever made a 100 day project? If the answer is ‘no’, why not?
Don’t forget, every day is a good day to start!

Yours, Thea

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