Working on series

Hallo guys,

do you sometimes have difficulties to find the concrete motive for painting/drawing? If you easily get inspired, then the motives for possible artworks are infinite and it may happen that you spend hours and hours in searching for the right thing to paint instead of painting it.
But how can we avoid this endless search?
One of the solutions I will present you today.

One tip I once got from the great artist and friend Rachel Petruccillo (@rachpetru on instragram) is to work on series.
When you work on series, you don’t have to think anymore about the ‘what’.

I like to work on series, too. In January my subject of the month was “flowers”, now in March it is “coffee”. Defining the topic motivates me to find interesting and maybe funny composition with and around my actual motive: coffee.
The following three paintings are already finished – coffee is the motive, the implementation is always different.

While I concentrate on only the subject, Rachel does even more.
When she started her #cuppadaypaintings she defined that her artworks would be 10 x 10 cm big, that the medium were acrylics on paper and that the painting itself should take one hour to be made. By determining all these points the energy can flow into the painting itself, into being creative.

One more advantage in working on series, is your work getting more authentic and by this also better. You focus on this one motive and at once you see more – like this you can paint this ‘more’ too.
And to list one more advantage, it is also an early preparation for a future exhibition.

And now it’s time to work, guys! Choose your subject, make as many decisions you need for getting in your work flow as fast as possible and then: start.

I hope you liked my tip and of course I want to thank my dear Rachel for sharing her tip with me first! Take a look at her website to see what a great outcome it has when you focus on just one motive for a while.

Yours, Thea

4 Replies to “Working on series”

  1. This is wonderful, Thea!
    Such great advice. Without starting there is no finish, so yes, we should set us goals and go for it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for including me on your blog. I never expected that in working on my cuppaday series and sharing it online, I would also get to make new friends from all over the world! What a wonderful bonus! Now we get to inspire and encourage each other. xo

    1. Yes, it is great! I had hoped for finding new friends, but I didn’t know how. And now we’re connected by art – I love our art community!

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