Get connected

Hallo my friends,

how are you? I hope you are all safe and healthy and that you spend your time at home in a good and useful way.

I am currently taking part at two flower painting challenges on instagram for whom I have to work every day, but it is really fun and just perfect right now.
The one part of the challenges is painting – sure -, the other part is connecting with the other participants of the challenge. And it’s this second part I want to write about today: get connected!

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Staying at home activities

Hello my friends,

how are you? I hope you are all safe and healthy!
Until a few days ago all the things around the corona virus were still abstract for me and seemed so far away. But now it’s affecting us all and uncertain times are awaiting us. We are instructed to stay at home and we feel confined. But still we have to do the best out of it, right? And to be thankful that we have our homes, something to eat and the possibility to interact with the ones we love at least in a digital way.

So when I thought about all this, I found some ideas for this time closed at home I want to share with you.

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Working on series

Hallo guys,

do you sometimes have difficulties to find the concrete motive for painting/drawing? If you easily get inspired, then the motives for possible artworks are infinite and it may happen that you spend hours and hours in searching for the right thing to paint instead of painting it.
But how can we avoid this endless search?
One of the solutions I will present you today.

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