Geometry and I II

Hallo my friends,

how are you doing? There is just a little more of this weird year 2020 left, how are you feeling about it? And have you already ordered one of the charity calendars for 2021?

I have to admit that I feel really happy to write this blog post today, because it shows a progress in my artistic work and a change in my relation to geometry.

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A calendar for a good purpose

Dear friends,

today I have amazing news for you!
What would you think about having works from twelve female artists from all over the world hanging on your wall?

Sounds great, right??

So, your wish is coming true because eleven of my dear fellow artists and I made a calendar for 2021! And not only that, it‘s for a good purpose as well!
The profit will be donated in the end to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

So here‘s some further information for you.
The calendar is in the A4 size (21×29,7 cm), it is a hanging wall calendar and costs 10€ plus shipping.
From today until November 15th you can order it binding at me or one of my fellow artists by writing us a direct message for example on instagram or facebook. As soon as the pre-order time has finished the calendars will be printed and shipped to you.

So, do you want to be part of something artsy and humanitarian at the same time? Then write it in the comments below or send a direct message to me.

And if you think that this a great project, please like and share! Thank you in advance! ❤️

And here is the list of my friends and fellow artists taking part in this project with me:
Naseeba Khader,
Kiran Hayat,
Walada Touriño,
Yukiko Futamura,
Laura M. C. Zair,
Maryam Shaikh,
Warda Arsalan,
Maryam Tahboub,
Laila Mušić,
Anthea Ben-Naim
and Esma Bilgin.

Below you can already take a look in the calendar as well.

There are already more than 50 pre-orders for this beautiful calendar, so write me to save yours too!

Stay happy and creative!
Yours, Thea


Hello my dear friends,

I hope you are all doing well.
Today I want to dedicate my blog post to the blessing to have such an amazing instagram community/instagram family around me which I love to share my art with, discuss art, get inspired and feel like part of a whole, of an entirety.

That’s Barakah!

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Geometry and I

Hey guys,

lately I thought a lot about geometrical art, especially about islamic geometry and I realized one thing: I admired this art form from the very beginning of my time on instagram, even before I started being creative in the way I am today.
Still I have tried it just once so far. Do you know why?

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A little bit of sunshine

Hallo my friends,

how are you doing? This is the second blog post in June – again I skipped a week and I’m very sorry for that. My mood was down in the past weeks and with a bad mood it’s difficult to write anything interesting or positive. But the sun is shining again and so I’m here and I hope to write a good post for you today! 🙂

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