Geometry and I

Hey guys,

lately I thought a lot about geometrical art, especially about islamic geometry and I realized one thing: I admired this art form from the very beginning of my time on instagram, even before I started being creative in the way I am today.
Still I have tried it just once so far. Do you know why?

Because for a reason I don’t know myself I am afraid of using a compass. I have one but it seems like the fear of failing is so big in this case that I don’t even try. And that is strange because I have tried a lot of new mediums and techniques in the past months that could count as difficult as islamic geometry but still this one seems to be special!

Recently I made one painting using a ruler only to construct the pattern.
These days as well I’m about to prepare the pattern for my new painting – a geometry I saw years ago and which I used for making an embroidered wallet you can see below. Also you can read the story behind in my blog post ‘Be intercreative’:

My first attempt to draw the lines with my ruler already showed me the problem with this way of constructing patterns: it is really inaccurate! And this is presumably the reason why islamic geometry is constructed by using a compass first.

Still, I will try it with my ruler and see what it is going to look like.
I haven’t beaten the fear yet but I will hopefully and then finally start constructing geometrical art like a pro. We’ll see. Maybe. 🙂

If you are making islamic geometry, do you have a tip for me how to get over this anxiety about using my compass?

Stay happy and creative!
Yours, Thea

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