Why do abstract art?

Hello guys,

today I want to write about abstract art and the advantages or reasons I see in it. About a month ago I made a seven days lasting Abstract Art Challenge. But why? And did I manage to reach what I was supposed to?

This year has been a really tough and challenging one. I feel like finally I see what is happening in the world, that I can see the structures behind and that’s really a lot! That again made me fall into a kind of crisis, a personal one – like where have I been all this time? – and an artistic one as well. The art I had made until then felt so insufficient compared to the struggles of this world.

But do what?

For weeks I could barely motivate myself to paint and even if I did I felt insecure all the time, about my motives, about my art, about my thoughts behind.
And there continued happening more and more horrible things until the catastrophic explosion in Beirut.
Then I realised I had to paint to work these feelings over and what is better than an abstract painting when the subject itself is such an abstract one?

Seven days of daily abstract painting released my mind from constantly thinking about all that – I made seven paintings and they captured everything they had to. I felt like I gave something back to the world and this helped me come over my crisis as well.

So why abstract art?
1. You can express your feelings (if you can’t deal with them in your actual painting style).
2. You can free yourself by doing abstract art.
3. The abstract art is full of unexprected surprises and can bring you back to what you are actually doing.
4. You can come over a crisis (like I did).

And this is what exactly happened. After this daily challenge I felt motivated again and finally with my actual painting I also feel confident again that the art I’m making has its worth even if it’s not a political one.

Here are the paintings from my Abstract Art Challenge:

To answer my initial question, yes, I finally reached my aim and now I feel like I can go on with searching my way of art.

Did you painted abstractly before? Why? And how did you feel about it?
I would be happy to hear your experiences and your stories about abstract art or about the way you managed to come over a personal/artistic crisis like this.

Stay happy and creative!
Yours, Thea

2 Replies to “Why do abstract art?”

  1. Beautifully written 🙂
    I also love doing abstract art from time to time, as you said, sometimes we have emotions we can’t really put into words, or just an idea or a concept I’d like to represent, like painting a song or a smell.
    It also helps me to loosen up, when I feel stuck.

    1. Thank you dear Maryam! <3
      Exactly... And I feel very happy to read this comment from you, an artist with so many abstract or abstracted art works!!

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