Artist meets mother I

Hallo my friends,

how are you?
It’s been a while now since I wrote the last blog post, but let’s call it a summer break – refreshing my body and my mind so I can full of motivation start writing again. I have already many ideas for coming posts, but let’s start with this one today. 🙂

I want immediately to begin with the good news: I’m pregnant again!

In January God willing our family will grow from 4 to 5 and I’m really happy and excited about this! #artistmeetsmother is one of the hashtags I always use in my posts on instagram and it is one important aspect of my art, too! I’m an artist, but I am a mother first.

Being a mother made me appreciate the worth of time. Before motherhood time was endless and still “I had no time” for example for art, now I know that I can barely paint by day, but the evening/the night is mine. I DO have time, a lot as I think because I still manage it to waste it sometimes.

As well I started seeing the world with other eyes. It’s like my eyes were opened to the things I really want in life – for example making art! – and the things that matter to me – family, nature, ecology, a healthier way of life.

Before I started with art last year I thought “What will be when I get pregnant again? Does it make sense to start painting in a more professional way if I will soon be out of the game for a while?”. The answer is “Of course it makes sense!” because it brought already so much forth!
And because we never know what the future will look like and our dreams and desires should not wait! All we have is now, right?

I know that from January new challenges are awaiting me and I definitely don’t know when I will get to make art again. But I will keep on painting and drawing as long and as much as I can and start as soon as the time has come, God willing.

I think that’s a good plan. What do you think?
How do you manage parentship and being an artist (if you have children)?

I am a mother and an artist and really happy and proud and grateful for this combination!

Be creative and patient with yourselves today.
Yours, Thea

8 Replies to “Artist meets mother I”

  1. Congratulations on the new addition and new blog post! I love this so much. The positivity, the happiness, and the warm fuzzy vibes!

  2. Draga Thea, divno si to rekla. Zena, kad je sretna, voljena, moze ostvariti sve svoje ciljeve, čak iako nekad pomisli da više nema snage. Koliko sam ti samo puta rekla “mozeš ti to”? I naravno, svi se radujemo Bebeku 3, ali i tvojim novim slikama. Ja ću ti do tada sakupljati motive. Grli te keka Iva/Kija/?.

    1. Hvala draga moja kuma za sve, za podršku, za ljubav i za kuplanje motiva! 🙂 Grlim i ja tebe keka Iva/Kija/?. 😉

  3. Congratulations again on your new pregnancy.
    From this post I understood a bit what #artistsmeetmother means. It’s challenging to be an active artist, and a mother at the same time but it’s also great if you can manage to do both.

    1. Thank you dear Hamza!
      Yes, it is challenging sometimes, but I think I got more motivation and appreciation for art and for my art since I am a mother, so win-win. 🙂
      Thank you again!

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