Acrylics vs. watercolours

Hey guys,

there are so many ways to be creative – have you already found your medium to express yourself?

About one year has gone since I started being creative on an almost daily basis. In this year I used different mediums, underground materials, techniques, tried to be intercreative but also I made two conclusions:

  1. I prefer painting from drawing, the justoneline drawings excepted.
  2. The two painting mediums which dominated were acrylics and watercolours.

As I get on with my art, I ask myself if I should, if I maybe had to choose one of the two colour types to go on further. Do I have to choose? What are the pro’s and contra’s of these two mediums? Acrylics or watercolours?

Before I started one year ago I used to paint just with acrylics and I think that I had understood how they work, what I can do, what looks good, where are the limits. To be honest, I thought I wouldn’t even try to paint with other mediums, because: why should I?

And then I tried a lot of new things out. Coloured pencils, fineliners, oil pastels, guache and of course watercolours. That means my first contact with watercolours was one year ago and it took me a while until I really used them like watercolours.
Meanwhile I have at least found out one part of how these colours react and how they work.

The 14 paintings for the golden flower challenge

Acrylics are – at least for me – the easier painting medium. If you make a mistake you just paint over it, you just have to paint flat.
Watercolours on the other side have a completely different colour intensity. The fact that they are a little bit transparent makes them shine in a very special way. But you have to know before starting what you want to paint, where which colour has to be. I miss white and it’s still sometimes hard for me to estimate at the beginning which parts of the painting have to stay blank.

Being an artist is so difficult, I know. 🙂
I think I’m not ready to focus on one medium yet, even if I would prefer to paint almost exclusively with watercolours. But this is no “either, or” decision, I can work with whatever paintings I want to. I can even use both – acrylics and watercolours – in one painting, like I did for the golden flower challenge. That’s called then mixed media.
So I will just keep on working until I will know what I have to do.
I hope you will do so, too.

Stay safe and healthy.
Yours, Thea

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