Inventory time

Hallo guys,

happy new month to all of you!
It’s already April, that means one third of the year is behind us.
A great opportunity to make a check up and an inventory what happened until now in 2020 – in artistic regard.

January was the flower month for me, I painted and drew 15 flowers in 30 days.

In February I wanted to make a big painting but there were so many sleepless nights, ill children and husband days, that I didn’t manage it.
Still I visited two exhibitions, the first one was “Soulmates – Alexej von Jawlensky and Marianne von Werefkin”, which I wrote about in my blog too, and the second one was „The fabric of modernity“. So I was studying art – also an important part for the creative process.

The month of March was supposed to be the “coffee month”. In fact I painted just three coffee paintings then one origami painting and eleven flower paintings for the two flower challenges on instagram I’m taking part in. Doesn’t sound like a lot of coffee, but still like a lot of painting practice and a lot of finished pieces, too.

Let’s check the numbers: 91 days, 29 paintings, 1 drawing.
Sounds successful, right?

The seven flowers of the spring motif contest hosted by Safia Malik

So, even if art not always runs according to the plan, I’m happy for the things to come in the following days and months. Three more paintings are left for the golden flower challenge and then I’ll take it a bit slowlier again.
I’m greatful for the first three months of 2020 and excited what’s coming up next!

Stay safe and healthy.
Yours, Thea

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