Hallo guys,

today I have something special for you.
I want to write about my just one line drawings, give you some tips and hopefully some ideas, too.

Last year in October I took part at the inktober with 31 just one line drawings, drawn with black fineliner on white paper. As the title says I made all the drawings with just one line, that means I didn’t move the pencil from the paper – if I had to make a line with an other starting point I moved there with the pencil on the paper.

I found this technique while I was doing my 100 day project and really liked it.
As time went by my drawings got more confident and I understood the following things:

  1. Not every motif is suitable. Of course, in theory everything can be drawn by just one line but not every motif looks good in the end.
  2. To draw your motif well you have to observe it for a while so that you know all the lines you’ll have to draw.
  3. It can be an advantage to integrate the frame to the drawing. Many of my drawings are plants, their stem begins ‘outside’ of the drawing and ends there, too. This gives more stability to your motif as well.

These were my tips for you and now I want to share some motivation with you, too.
As the most of us are locked down at the moment, we have a lot of time, maybe a lot of boredom, maybe no motivation.

Therefore the just one line drawings are the perfect ‘cure’.
They are quick, they are dynamic, you can get over some kind of lethargy or just try something new.
I hope you will try it out and if you do so, please share your works on instagram with me, I would be very happy about it.

Stay healthy and happy!
Yours, Thea

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