Get connected

Hallo my friends,

how are you? I hope you are all safe and healthy and that you spend your time at home in a good and useful way.

I am currently taking part at two flower painting challenges on instagram for whom I have to work every day, but it is really fun and just perfect right now.
The one part of the challenges is painting – sure -, the other part is connecting with the other participants of the challenge. And it’s this second part I want to write about today: get connected!

When I first started showing my works on instagram, I thought it would be enough to have a profile, to share my paintings and all the people would find me. I thought wrong that the world was waiting for me. Or let’s say it’s waiting in another way than I first thought of.

As artist just as any other person you have to be social on social networks, you have to connect with people so that you are seen. And if you do so you really get in touch with the world, with other artists, you make friends and share your passion.

No, of course this is no promotion for instagram or other social media, I’m just still amazed of how the things work and of how this connections change an artist’s world.

When you connect, you become part of a community that can inspire and motivate you, you learn a lot of things about your art and yourself, you are challenged!
I always wanted to be part of a group of artists and now I really am a part of a community of artists all over the world and that’s just awesome!

So, get connected, guys!
Share experiences with others, be curious, be patient and kind, be yourself!
I’m excited to get to know you!

Stay safe and healthy,

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