New year, new resolutions!

Hallo guys,

2020 started a few hours ago and every new beginning is the perfect timing for thinking about the things that really matter and for defining new aims for the new year. So, what are your resolutions for the new year?

I use to write every year on New Year’s Eve my resolutions for the coming year and then carry them in my purse. So these are mine for 2020:

  1. Love and care about the people I love.
  2. Be a good mother for my boys and a good partner for my husband.
  3. Laugh a lot and be thankful for the moment.
  4. Dance everyday.
  5. Take care of my body, sleep enough, eat healthy food, so that I feel good.
  6. Read 7 books.
  7. Give my best in art, paint, draw, write about it and see how it is going to be.
  8. Come closer to the truth and my “true self”.

Maybe it sounds like a bit of everything, but that’s what’s all about: family and friends, health, art, personal fulfillment.

My resolutions are there to make me get better or at least try it. And if I get better I can give a better me back to you! It’s getting philosophical, so back again to art! 🙂

The best thing is when you can combine more of your intentions …like I did. In December I designed my logo from one of my ‘just one line’-drawings and let this logo print on cotton bags that are ecological because they can used for example for shopping again and again (in contrast to plastic bags that are thrown away very fast and at the same time pollute the planet enormously).

I gave these bags to my family and friends for Christmas and now I want to give it to some of my followers on instagram too. If you want to take part in the giveaway, enter my profile on instagram and follow the rules for having the possibility to win one of them!

It’s sometimes that simple to accomplish your aims, but sometimes very hard, too.

We will see how my art year 2020 will look like! Will I achieve the things that I’ve planned to? Will the inspiration be there when needed?

I hope so! And I wish it for all of you, too! A happy and healthy and motivated new year to all of you! May you make all the things you love and achieve all of your resolutions. 2020 will be great, I believe it!

Yours, Thea

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