Just start!

Hey guys,

have you ever had the wish to paint, draw, write, photograph, stitch or be creative in any other kind of way but didn’t do it?

Because that’s what I felt like. I wanted to paint, had ideas, had the inspiration, but I didn’t start. I thought “maybe tomorrow”. As you can imagine this “tomorrow” didn’t came neither the next day, nor the day after that.

But one day I had the courage, I took the risk and… JUST STARTED! That’s it! That’s absolutely it!

It was a decision, for sure, and I was really afraid of it, but I started and I felt great! My instagram profile was there for reminding me to keep going, like a control from outside, and the rest was working on it, day by day.

‘If tomorrow never comes…’ I’m smiling right now thinking of this song Ronan Keating sang once, but in fact it’s absolutely fitting! We can’t wait, we have to act!

If you want to be an artist you can read about it, make plans, think about it all the time, but if you don’t start, it’ all for nothing!
If you want to be an artist, you just have to DO it!
Start, search for a possibility of a control from outside (if you need it) and then work, work, work!

01/15: Little light purple flowers, acrylics on canvas panel

That’s what I made, 100 days I painted and drew and now I am having a website, writing a blog, making plans for my secon exhibition…

So do you something for your art, too!
Don’t be afraid! Every new beginning is difficult, but it will get better every day passing by. I started this year with my own challenge: 15 paintings and drawings in 30 days. I thought this was easy peasy, but it’s hard work.
After November and December being quite chilly, this challenges me! I try not to let the fear taking over, because then I won’t do anything! But I made already two and a half paintings, so it runs well.

02/15: Little pink rose, watercolors on cold pressed paper

So you see, you “just” have to work on it! Good luck!

Yours, Thea

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