Flower Power Project

Hallo my dear friends and fellow artists,

my blog post today is a very special one and I am so excited to announce you that I am starting a new project. It is a heart project and an intercreative one, so I hope for all of you to participate!

In the past few months I painted a lot of different motifs, but the one that recured again and again were the flowers. The flowers that fill our lifes with beauty in the good and in the bad moments. So I wanted to gave them the space in my work they deserve and this is it, my and hopefully our FLOWER POWER PROJECT.

With this project I will try to focus on the different types of flowers, get to know something more about them – for example if they are eatable or healing -, to observe them in their being and to get their structure and their characteristics visible.
It’s a big project and as there are a plenty of flowers, this will hopefully be a longlasting project.

And this is how I imagined this project to work.
Every Thursday I will announce the week’s flower and then me and all the participants – that means you 🙂 – will have 7 days for working on the week’s flower. As I wrote before I hope this project to get an intercreative one, so except of painting and drawing I hope to see a lot of photography, stitching, sewing, origami, poems, writing, thoughts and whatever ideas you have. With using the hashtag #flowerpowerproject20 everybody will be able to see the community’s works.

Already now I feel like having a big community of artists around me and a lot of them are addicted to flowers just like me. With this project I hope to enlarge my community, to strengthen it and to learn some things about the flowers surrounding us.

In the course of the project I want to start a herbarium, if it works like I planned it, you’ll read about this in a few weeks here in my blog and of course on instagram, where I planned to share my thoughts, works and results as well as the ones from the participants of the Flower Power Project.

I’m very excited my friends! Let the Flower Power Project start!

Stay happy and healthy!
Yours, Thea

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