Hallo guys,

the first week of the Flower Power project is almost done and I am very happy to look at seven fellow artists who have taken part with their own interpretations of the week’s flower, the daisy. I’m amazed how much love and personality is in all the flowers that were created this week, I hope the next one will recieve as much love like the first one!

So, what is one of the great things about this weekly challenge?

For me it’s for sure the moodboarding in my head since the flower was announced. Since the decision was made almost all of my thoughts are centered upon daisies, how their petals are formed and what colour they do have, how they could be painted in islamic style, if they are eatable, how a meadow full of daisies could be painted and so on and so on.

So I thought it would be a pity not to bring all these thoughts to paper and created a daisy page. This is my kind of moodboard – I’m anyway more the writing type so this seems to be perfect for me.
This daisy page is something like an information sheet with the things that are interesting for me. Take a look below.

As I told you in the previous post I want to make a herbarium, too, the daisy will of course be part of it. I hope I can show it to you in one of my following posts.

And now, are you excited to get to know what the next flower will be?
The second week’s flower is the Veronica persica, also called Persian speedwell.
Round two begins, I am very excited to see all of the works!

Stay happy and healthy.
Yours, Thea

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  1. You are just amazing! Both the personality and your art, everything shines! I’m feeling so proud to have met you and will be gladly take part in all your challenges. Lots of love!

    1. Thank you for so much love my dear Bojana!! I am so happy and proud too to have you as my friend and learning from you day by day! <3
      Lots of love back to you!

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