Artist meets Mother II

Hello my friends,

I hope you are all doing well.
It’s been a while since my last blog post but I hope that I’m finally back! The main reason for this long break was me trying to handle my three little boys, also lovingly called the three dinosaurs, and finding back to a routine in the new constellation of 5. 🙂

One year ago I asked myself how it would be to have more children and still be an artist. Would it be possible at all to manage being a mum of three AND making art?

Now I am back I can give you the answers to the questions above.
Are you ready? 🙂

Yes, it IS possible to be a mother of three and make art but the truth is that it is tough.
I don’t want to complain for sure though the time that is left for making art is a little less and definitely with a lower energy level than before.

So, how could I still stay creative?
There are a few tricks that helped me and in the best case can help you as well if you are getting a parent currently.

  1. Accept the new situation and enjoy it! – Having a little baby is a very special time in life. Life begins, the most beautiful of all artworks is there with you, just searching for cuddles and kisses. So enjoy it! Don’t try to counteract, because it will not work out and you just loose precious and warm cuddling moments.
  2. Plan little projects like a little sketch every day or maybe a new artform, a new interest that takes less time that you are still able to gain. – Since my baby got born I discovered dyeing for me and I just love it. I can easily include it to my daily life since it’s like cooking anyway part of the daily routine.
  3. Take challenges that are limited on a few days like my Flower Power Project or the Golden Flower Challenge hosted by Esra Alhamal. – The achievable task will help you making small steps into your daily painting routine again.
  4. Be patient and write your big ideas down for later! – Being patient is probably the most difficult of all but time flies and you will see that awhile you and I will have a lot more time and energy for art again.

My little baby is almost no baby anymore. In a week weeks he will be a toddler with new adventures to await him and me and also more individual interests for both of us.
I am an artist and a mother and really greatful for this combination!

Did I mention that I made a lot of plans for the upcoming weeks? 🙂
Stay tuned, there is God willing a lot to come!

Stay happy and creative!
Yours, Thea

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