Confessions of an artist

Hello my friends,

first of all, yes, the title is pure drama, I know! But it should be. 🙂
Why? Because after 6 years I finally filled my notebook. But what does that mean?

Again, the title is dramatic, the words I chose here are demonstrating that something BIG is happening. Well, for me it is.

When I started my notebook with the plenty of blank pages I wanted this notebook called ‘DREAM’ to contain and fulfill my dreams. So I said to myself that as soon as this notebook would be full, I would be an artist.

And here we are.
Good bye notebook – I will miss you – and hello new artist me.
Is that the confession you might ask? 🙂

No, it’s not. This is just a little look into my art journey, my thoughts and fears.
The confession is that I am an artist and that I already was before the notebook came to its end. That just I decide that I am an artist – you see, I don’t even use the “if”-form.

And this is not everything.
I am ready for new chapters, ready to realize old ideas – written down in my notebook – and new ones. So the second kind of confession is that without this notebook I would not remember this journey the way it was. I would not remember all the good and bad ideas I had, not where I started.

Yes, I love the drama and being enthusiastic and hopefully real.
Yes, I am an artist and I want to scream it out loud! 🙂
Thank you for listening and being here! I very appreciate that.

Stay dreamy and creative!
Lots of love, Thea

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